Letter to the Editor: In Support of Kimberly Ragazzo

I am writing this letter in support of the  re-election of the Honorable Kimberly Ragazzo.

I am an attorney who has known the Hon. Kimberly Ragazzo for over fifteen years as an Assistant District Attorney and now as a judge presiding in the Cortlandt Justice Court.

As an assistant district attorney she handled violent felonies and simple misdemeanors.  Her approach was always fair-minded balancing all factors presented by the defense and all parties before making the appropriate decision.  Her goal was always to achieve a just resolution.

As a  judge presiding over Cortlandt Justice Court she has brought the same desire to ensure that all parties are treated with dignity and respect.  She additionally has protected the ideal of a fair judicial system.

As a jurist, Judge Ragazzo protects the community, the ideal of equality,  and is also open to criminal justice reform.

Re-elect Judge Ragazzo.

Emil F. Piedra
Yorktown Heights

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