Letter to the Editor: I am giving my vote to David Carlucci for Congress

State Senator David Carlucci

I am giving my vote to David Carlucci in the Democratic Primary for Congress this year without a doubt. He has done amazing work as a New York State Senator and has passed more than 150 bills that turned into laws since 2011, all of which have made New York a better place to live for the state’s residents. Carlucci is both an exceptional person and politician in that he always listens to the concerns of the people with care and advocates to meet their needs. I am confident that Carlucci’s election to the United States Congress would only create even more positive changes on a larger scale.

Many of the bills passed by Carlucci addressed reforms in mental health, climate change, and healthcare access among others. He co-sponsored the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA), which aims to reduce greenhouse gases and have New York become dependent on emission-free sources. Last year, he advocated for laws requiring the State Office of Mental Health to review suicide prevention programs for those at risk. Carlucci also fought to expand eligibility for low-income seniors to enroll in the Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage (EPIC) program, which he was successful in doing in 2014, which led to lower drug costs for hundreds of thousands of seniors. Such a record of advocating for the people and the environment are critically important at this time.

No one is left behind in Carlucci’s political discussions, which I truly admire. He’s hosted numerous town halls in person, and continues to do them on Facebook during these challenging times.  He’s formed a dedicated Student Advisory Council and committees for seniors and veterans because he values hearing from the community and working with residents to address problems and create change.

Further, he has responded diligently to the CVID-19 crisis, helping get food, face shields, hand sanitizer to those in need. He started a campaign to help health care workers and first responders get discounted hotel rooms. And Carlucci delivered and made the case for COVID-19 testing centers in Spring Valley and Haverstraw. We need a leader in Congress who serves people, and Carlucci has shown that in more ways than one. I can’t say that of the other candidates. Senator Carlucci’s empathy for everyone around him and his devotion to hearing the voices of the people are qualities that live in not only the best candidates, but the best people. I know I will always support a candidate who supports the people around them in the best ways possible.

If you are undecided as to who to vote for in the upcoming Democratic Primary for Congress on June 23rd, I hope that this has helped you come to a conclusion. Come election day, I ask all voters to consider who will make the most of a seat in the House of Representatives on behalf of the people whom they serve. I hope to see Senator Carlucci’s energy, drive, and altruism appear in Washington for Rockland and Westchester as our next Congressman.

Kate Mallory – Nyack, NY

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