Letter to the Editor: Evelyn Farkas Endorsement

These are difficult times. Our nation is facing a growing number of challenges: diminished standing as a world leader; recovery from a pandemic and its economic upheaval; renewed struggles for social justice in the face of violence against Black Americans and other minorities; the erosion of environmental regulations; attacks on women’s reproductive rights and civil rights of all kinds; the reckless escalation of trade and foreign policy disputes with China—and that’s the short list. To ensure that our government, at all levels, is prepared to contend with these challenges, we must elect smart, effective, experienced and skilled candidates.

Here in the Rivertowns, voters will decide who best can replace Nita Lowey as our representative in Congress. The first step is our primary on June 23. On the Democratic ticket, there’s a large number of folks running—some experienced, some not so much.

Who might best serve our district while also addressing the myriad complex issues that face our nation? In my opinion, Evelyn Farkas has the experience, the knowledge, and the working relationships on Capitol Hill to best fulfill our needs. She served as President Obama’s Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Ukraine and Russia, and previously had extensive Asia-Pacific foreign policy experience. She has shown herself to be strong, thoughtful and well-spoken when appearing as an analyst on national cable news.

Farkas is caring and compassionate. She is concerned about the same issues we all are: woman’s reproductive rights, social justice for all, an effective assault weapons ban, restoring and expanding legislation to protect the environment and encourage renewable energy innovation, support for a public health care option and ending prescription drug price gouging.

With her previous experience on Capital Hill, Farkas can ‘hit the ground running.’ She knows what to do and will get the job done.

Mark Gilliland
Village of Irvington Trustee


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