Letter to the Editor: August Primaries a Travesty

New York officials should never again schedule an August Congressional primary. The August 23rd primary date is a travesty –a form of voter suppression. Many voters are on vacation. Other voters are preoccupied -taking their children to college. And others are picking up their kids from camp. My guess is that a very small percentage of voters will bother to watch any of the Congressional debates.

There are key Congressional primaries in NYS. It’s possible that the low turnout of voters will result in the nomination of candidates who don’t have the majority of support of the voters. There is no reason why the NYS Legislature scheduled separate primaries for the Assembly and Governor races in June —and then scheduled Congressional primaries two months later. Also – holding two separate primary dates is very costly to the taxpayers –money wasted on election location rentals, paying for election inspectors.

Paul Feiner
Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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