Letter to the Editor: A Thanks to Congressman Jones

To the Editor:

I was disappointed to learn that Congressman Mondaire Jones will no longer represent Greenburgh in the United States Congress. Thanks to redistricting, the Congressman has decided to run for his Congressional seat in a new district in NYC.

Congressman Jones was an exceptional Representative who worked hard for our district.  Besides fighting for progressive values – the Congressman helped the town of Greenburgh receive a one million dollar grant from the federal government to build a new sidewalk on Dobbs Ferry Road, an initiative that will make walking safer for pedestrians and residents who don’t have cars. We asked the Congressman for help and Congressman Jones not only tried. He succeeded in helping our community.

During the Afghanistant crisis last year, the Congressman’s office did an amazing job helping a refugee I was trying to help escape the Taliban. Unlike many elected officials who go thru the motions  making you think they are helping the Congressman did much more. The Congressman’s office was in constant  contact with a military liaison who stayed in touch with the woman trying to escape -until she was on the plane in Kabul. Thanks to the Congressman’s staff a second chance in life was given to the cousin of an Ossining resident who was escaping the Taliban.

Congressman Jones has fought hard for infrastructure funding which is helping local governments. He has fought hard for progressive initiatives from health care reforms, helping the hungry and fighting to change Washington, bringing people together.

I hope that Congressman Jones is successful in winning election to the Congress in a new district. I will be happy to spread the word to NYC residents who might not be familiar with what an excellent public servant the Congressman is.

Paul Feiner
Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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