Letter to the Editor: Understanding Where Mike Lawler Stands

U.S. Representative Mike Lawler (CD-19)

It’s nearly eighteen months until the 2024 elections, and the last thing you’re looking for is a discussion of candidates who may be on the ballot. But like many others, I fear for our democracy and close scrutiny of those who vie to represent us is crucial if our way of life is to prevail.

Thus, Mike Lawler, our newly minted Republican Congressman [for New York District 19]. Mr. Lawler represents himself as a moderate, one anxious to reach across the aisle and compromise, and whose purpose is to serve the interests of his constituents. But is that really so?

When recently asked about his position on banning assault weapons, Mr. Lawler’s response was principally a sermon on the glories of the Second Amendment and why the restrictions proposed by Democrats were flawed, failed to comprehend the nuances of weapons of mass destruction, and wouldn’t pass the Congress anyway.

He favors open carry of firearms in New York and believes that the restraints in New York law, currently before the courts, are too narrow and restrictive and should be struck down. He continuously expounds the party line theory that gun violence is due principally to conditions of mental illness, rather than the proliferation of firearms.  But, of course, Mr. Lawler has not proposed any legislation to actively promote mental health. And it goes on from there.

So if we peel away his glitzy exterior and probe beneath the very slick public relations pronouncements of his newsletters, we find not the paragon of virtue he tries to promote, but the very soul of a hack Republican politician who hews to the party line.

So, if you:

  • Favor the increased intrusion of guns into every aspect of our lives
  • Believe that worship of the Second Amendment is more important than the lives of schoolchildren
  • Wish to see women’s reproductive rights severely restricted, or eliminated, and abortion banned from the moment of conception
  • Desire to restrict what teachers may discuss in class, and the banning—or burning—of books that the self-imposed censors of our culture find unacceptable
  • Want to separate those of us who are “different” from the mainstream and prevent them from voting
  • Or follow the remainder of the Republican agenda,

Then Mike Lawler is your man, and you should support him.

But if you favor a more inclusive society, one in which you can send your children to school with full confidence that they will return in the afternoon, then watch Mike Lawler very closely over the next year or so. Will he courageously take public positions in opposition to the party line or will he go along to get along, while telling you how independent and bipartisan he is?

Examine carefully what he does, as well as what he says, and come November 2024, you will be able to make an informed choice regarding who should represent us in the 17th Congressional district.

Joel E. Gingold




  1. You are obviously clueless. Independent of Mike Lawler and/or his positions, NYS has much much bigger problems and the Republican Party is not the problem but more likely, the closest thing to salvation.

    New York used to be a manufacturing powerhouse and led the nation in finance, media, marketing, fashion, and many other industries.

    New York State population has barely grown in 60 years and states like Florida, Texas, and many others have doubled or tripled in population during the same period – mostly from migration of tax paying individuals and businesses that find those locations more favorable.

    Why ?? New York State is one of the highest taxed states in the US. It’s also so repressive to business that any profit driven company would NEVER do business in the state – hence why NYS is filled with the highest paid public workforce in the universe. Energy costs and burdensome regulations make NYS a nightmare for business. Businesses and high earning tax payers are leaving the state as fast as possible leading the nation in exodus rates. Impoverished legal and illegal’s are flocking to the state as fast as possible for the generous benefits. More takers and less payers equals a severe downward spiral.

    Enjoy your few remaining years in NY, the most radical left-leaning state in the union (if there is still a union). New York now makes California look conservative.

    To Your Specific Points on Guns, Reproductive Rights, Education, and those who are “Different”:

    Guns: Criminals violate gun laws and by definition law abiding individuals do not. Almost all gun crimes are committed by non-law abiding individuals who are mentally ill. Why isn’t the US or more specifically New York State, focusing on monitoring the mentally ill ? Oh… that might be a violation of their civil rights ! Here is the reality: From a governance perspective: Criminals are Victims and Victims are criminals. All NYS legislation passed in the last eight years confirms this – “Clean Slate” is the latest.

    Reproductive Rights: The Supreme Court has rightfully pushed this issue to the states. Each state can make its own determination. States have laws regarding homicide and can therefore determine where laws of life and homicide run into conflict.

    Education: Most in America would agree that education in its most fundamental state of teaching reading, writing, mathematics, science, and (unfiltered and unrevised history) is the desire of most parents. Indoctrination and/or revisionist history focused on certain ethnic groups neither serves them nor the general populous.

    “Those who are Different”: If we are all Americans, we are not different. We are all the same. There is one political party who tries to separate us all the time and creates more and more boxes and categories to expand this notion but we are not different in our creed. True there may be people of different backgrounds in terms of race, religion, etc. but if we all reside here and all consider ourselves “American”, we should all share the same values and purpose.

    You are so clueless to not see that freedom is withering in this state and country. We are becoming a state run society that is no better than Communist China, Russia, or any other dictatorship. All those that have come before us and sacrificed their lives for freedom have been disparaged by the governance and laws enacted in NY and the US.

    Wake Up.

  2. Hi Mike,

    You are really one angry guy!

    Please calm down before you have a heart attack. I apologize if I have driven you to such an agitated state (no pun intended). One suggestion, your MAGA hat may be on too tight, and if you loosen it up a little, you’ll probably feel better.

    I thought my letter was about where Mike Lawler really stands on the issues, but unlike me and many others, you seem to feel that’s not really relevant and you have rather chosen to launch a tirade against New York State and its policies, which pretty much represent the national opinions (confirmed by many polls) on these issues (guns, abortion, etc.).

    Another suggestion. Since you find New York to be such a cesspool, why don’t you just pack up and move to Florida (as did your little tin god, the oft indicted Donald Trump) or Texas. There you can happily live in a fascist state where your views are proudly represented by the gerrymandered legislatures and where those who disagree are increasingly prevented from voting.

    Enjoy your summer—wherever you end up living!

    BTW, I’m U.S. Navy vet. Where did you serve?

    Best regards,


  3. Mr. Gingold is absolutely correct in cautioning voters to watch how Mike Lawler votes- not what he says, and then make an informed decision in 2024. Lawler was a political consultant before taking office, so he knows how to keep his name in the press, show up on TV, etc. What counts is how he votes. Although he talks a good game about bi-partisanship, he votes the party line in Congress. He just voted against an EPA rule that would limit air toxic emissions
    and particulates from heavy machinery and vehicles. His stance on gun violence conforms with the party line. If it’s a mental health problem, where’s the money for increased mental health services? Our lives and that of our children and grandchildren are literally on the line when it comes to both issues.

  4. Thank you for your service to our country.

    Thank you also for your concerns regarding my health and “agitated” state. I am just fine, not angry, but in all fairness, like you, disappointed in governance at the state and federal level. I apologize for broadening your subject matter beyond Mike Lawler and his positions on guns, abortion, etc. I did so because he is just a grain of sand on the beach of failed policies on the issues you cited and others over several decades that has no doubt left New York State and the US in an undeniable position of crescendo relative to peers. I’de be happy to hear evidence to the contrary.

    Interesting how presumptuous you are. If it makes you feel any better, I am a smart democrat that did not vote for Lawler or Trump. Just someone who doesn’t follow the corrupted media, manipulated polls and “opinions”, and looks at policies and the results of such policies following the facts and statistics. I recommend you do the same if you want to see change in governance. Unfortunately, the typical US voter tends to cast their ballot based on emotion and not rationalization and they are largely pawns of manipulation. Democracies can only thrive through educated and informed voters. Democracies fail when voters are manipulated by power of political parties, use of government agencies to achieve greater power, and corroboration with media. History teaches us this fact over and over.

  5. According to the nonparistian VoteView website, Mike Lawler is more liberal than 98% of Republicans in the current House.
    This state comes purely from his voting record compared to his fellow Republicans. Lawler is as moderate as he can possibly be.
    You are a clown and partisan hack if you think hes equivalent to Boebert or Gaetz (whom Lawler publicly feuds with). Lawler isn’t MAGA Mike. He’s Moderate Mike.

    You also lie about his record.
    2A – Lawler voted to expand Red Flag laws. He voted to ban civilian purchase of body armor. He voted to ban ghost guns.

    Abortion – Lawler supports exceptions for rape, incest and threat to life of mother. He repeatedly says it’s a matter to be left to the states.

    LGBT – Lawler voted against the “Parental Rights Act” which would have increased regulations on LGBT kids in schools. He was even praised by an LGBT group after his vote.

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