Recipes from Our Diverse Community: Kleftiko Recipe for Repast with Storied Greek Past

The benefits of a Mediterranean diet in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and improving general well–being are well documented.    With fresh whole foods as the centerpiece, the Mediterranean is mainly a plant-based diet with moderate consumption […] Read more »

Recipes from Our Diverse Community: Easy Mushroom and Onion Randai/Sabzi 

With the benefits of turning vegetarian or following a plant-based diet being extolled so much in the news these days, it has never been easier to turn to good old Indian recipes passed on […] Read more »

On Today’s Menu: Parsnip, White Bean and Kale Stuffed Portobello Mushroom

More and more people these days are making a switch to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, whether it’s for health reasons, preservation of our resources, or any number of other […] Read more »