Letter to the Editor: Cortlandt Supervisor Candidate on Fixing Roads

'The roads are not a new problem, but we offer new solutions.' Read more »

Croton’s New Assistant for New Village Manager  

Cortlandt resident Thomas Morzello, the new Assistant to incoming Village Manager Bryan Healy for Croton-on-Hudson, took advantage of remote learning during the pandemic to gain on-the-job experience – working for rehab clinic Hello Health – while... Read more »

It Takes a Village Manager – The Life of Bryan

Bryan Healy starts his tenure as the new Village Manager of Croton-on-Hudson on Aug. 9, 2021, and don’t let his status as a fresh-faced Millennial fool you. Driven by an earnest work ethic, he’s already... Read more »

Journaling: The Roses Await

You may recall, depending how many rings encircle your trunk, an irreverent prime-time “news” program titled “That Was the Week That Was.” Also known by its shorthand of  TW3, the NBC version... Read more »

Running Away from Office

We were beginning to wonder, What’s going on?   Then, just as April was passing the baton to May, word arrived that yes, indeed, there will be a two-party election in Peekskill this year.  The what’s-going-on part simply... Read more »

Peekskill Names Matt Alexander Interim City Manager

Matt Alexander shall exercise the powers and perform the duties of the City Manager set forth within the City Charter. Read more »

Autism Achievers to be Honored April 24

Five people will receive certificates at Peekskill Youth Bureau April 24 at 1 p.m., in recognition of their achievements. Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Cortlandt Issues Police Reform Report

The Town does not have its own police force, but the people of Cortlandt sought to have their voice heard. Read more »

Free Training for Clean Energy Jobs

Town of Cortlandt Councilman James Creighton has been working with members of the community to help bring a worker training event to the area to assist the Indian Point workers who will... Read more »


Any guy who tells you Adam’s descendants are inherently superior to Eve’s is one of two things: drunk or delusional. Or both. C’mon, man. How much more proof do we need that it just ain’t the case.   Brawn never has impressed me... Read more »