Journaling: The Heart Facts

Years from now, when football fans can’t quite quickly recall which teams played in the 2023 Super Bowl, what NFL fans and non-fans alike are much more apt to recall […] Read more »

Journaling: Constituents as Customers

Smart customer service is essential to smart business. Three of four business leaders “report a direct link between their customer service and business performance.” That’s courtesy of the 2022 Zendesk […] Read more »

Journaling: Vive la resolucion!

Has this ever happened to you? You’re sitting patiently (if exasperatedly) in a lengthy queue of vehicles moving at a snail’s pace as you exit a highway, when suddenly a […] Read more »

Musical Comedy by Briarcliff High Alum Sends Up Tech Startups

More than 20 musical numbers by Garret Press sing with zingers and inventive wordplay. Read more »

Upgrading Croton-Harmon Schools Is Up to Voters Dec. 13 

Article Update: The Future Facilities Project passed by an overwhelming majority, 808-215. Updated approaches to education help today’s students better navigate tomorrow’s world, where, for example, trade school is as […] Read more »

Journaling: Children’s Rights

A quarter-century ago, when Elyse’s and my son Harrison was starting fifth grade, she already was anticipating his entrance to sixth grade at Mildred E. Strang Middle School in Yorktown […] Read more »

Journaling: Nothing to Lose

It’s November 2042 and a grade schooler is asking his grandfather, “Is it true people in elections used to do something called ‘lose’?” The wise elder replies, ”Yes, Aegon, that […] Read more »

Journaling: Both Sides Now

What’s a little water between friends and neighbors? The aqua we’re talking about is that shimmering stream that shines its bounty on those fortunate enough to enjoy life on its […] Read more »

Carole Voisey Is Named Executive Director of Gateway Chamber

Voisey's role is comparable to that of Deb Milone's, who stepped down as Chamber President after a 12-year tenure. Read more »

Journaling: Word Smiting 

Anybody out there remember The Hustle, a disco-era dance craze? A half-century later, when we say hustle, we mean a job, and it’s preceded by “side.” This is, after all, […] Read more »