Get Warm and Toasty with Roasted Acorn Squash, Midwestern-Style 

WHAT’S COOKING IN OUR MELTING POT With colder days upon us, what’s more welcoming than the comforting aromas of cinnamon blended with melted butter over roasted seasonal vegetables, wafting from our ovens, lifting our spirits?    […] Read more »

What’s Cookin’ – 10 Minute or Less Meals

Cooking at home is an excellent way to eat healthier and can also save you a lot of money! The drawback is the time it takes. Isn’t it easier to […] Read more »

A Specialty Shop with a Flair for Flavor

If you are looking for unique olive oils and vinegars, Phat Olive in Katonah is the place to go.   Owned by Peekskill residents and millennials Matt DiCairano, 30, and his fiancé, Jill Krumholtz, 29, they say the store is the only one of its […] Read more »

Recipes from Our Diverse Community: Peruse this Recipe to Cook Up Ceviche, Peru’s National Dish  

What better way to savor the memories of a summer that zoomed by, whilst we coped with a new normal, than to make ceviche. The national dish of Peru is a signature symphony of […] Read more »

Recipes from Our Diverse Community: Kleftiko Recipe for Repast with Storied Greek Past

The benefits of a Mediterranean diet in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and improving general well–being are well documented.    With fresh whole foods as the centerpiece, the Mediterranean is mainly a plant-based diet with moderate consumption […] Read more »

Recipes from Our Diverse Community: Easy Mushroom and Onion Randai/Sabzi 

With the benefits of turning vegetarian or following a plant-based diet being extolled so much in the news these days, it has never been easier to turn to good old Indian recipes passed on […] Read more »

On Today’s Menu: Parsnip, White Bean and Kale Stuffed Portobello Mushroom

More and more people these days are making a switch to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, whether it’s for health reasons, preservation of our resources, or any number of other […] Read more »