From Chasing Rabbits to Setting Records: The Amazing Story of Larry James

Fairview, New York, 1954 A seven year old boy and his mother are traveling to his Aunt’s house. When they arrive, the boy notices a neighborhood resident with two large beautiful hunting... Read more »

Greenburgh Under the Hollywood Lights: The TV shows and Movies Filmed in Greenburgh Part II

Lights, Camera, Action take two. Since Greenburgh Under the Hollywood Lights: The TV shows and Movies Filmed in Greenburgh Part I was such a hit with our readers, we decided to do... Read more »

From Insurance to Symphonies: The Home of Charles Ives

A house on 460 Ridge Road Hartsdale, was once the residence of American Classical Music Composer Charles Edward Ives. Ives lived at this residence from April 1912-June 1914 while he was working... Read more »

Oh, The Places Your Mail has Gone: A History of The Hartsdale Post Office

Neither, rain and sleet nor snow used to get in the way of delivering the mail to the residents of Hartsdale (that was years ago when the Postal Service was more reliable),... Read more »

Hartsdale Resident, Joel Sucher to Discuss His Documentary, “From Swastika to Jim Crow” at Greenburgh Town Council Meeting

  From Swastika to Jim Crow, the acclaimed Pacific Street documentary, which tells the compelling tale of Jewish refugee scholars who taught at Black Colleges will be part of a presentation to... Read more »

Greenburgh Under the Hollywood Lights: The TV Shows and Movies Filmed in Greenburgh – Part I

Correction: OOPS, we made a mistake about what was filmed at Lyndhurst. Please see the revised article below. Thank you for pointing out our error! Lights, Camera, Action, the Town of... Read more »

The Power of Wealth and Humility:  A Reflection on Two Highly Influential African Americans

In honor of Black History Month, we, the Assistant Town Historians, wanted to do a piece highlighting the contributions of African Americans. Power has been defined in many ways.  At times power... Read more »

“The Disappearing Railroad Blues” Greenburgh Style: The Fate of the Putnam Railroad Line and the Old Putnam Trail

“All the towns and people seem to fade into a bad dream and the steel rails still ain’t heard the news. The conductor sings his song again, the passengers will please refrain.... Read more »
Greenburgh 9/11 Remembrance Video Project

Greenburgh Launches 9/11 Remembrance Video Series

About eight years ago, Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner had an idea. He wanted to preserve, on video, the memories of the veterans from the Town of Greenburgh who served in World... Read more »

Two Explosions — Two Vastly Different Results 

The Tappan Zee Bridge demolition took place as planned.  I was personally struck with how the concussion of that blast shook the earth for miles around.  For me and for many other local... Read more »