Village of Ossining Launches Veteran Banner Program

The Village’s DPW staff started installing banners on May 20. Photo supplied

Saturday, May 18th, marked the inaugural launch of the Village of Ossining‘s military banner installation on Croton Avenue. The banners honor the community’s Veterans, active duty, Reserve, and National Guard members.

This banner program allows people and organizations to purchase banners that honor individual veterans who have served or are serving our Country. Mayor Rika Levin led the launch ceremony that was held at the Ossining Public Library. “Recognizing the Village’s local servicemen and women has been one of the most inspiring programs I’ve been a part of this year,” said Mayor Rika Levin. “Meeting our esteemed Veterans, active duty, Reserve, and National Guard members and their families and participating in their joy truly touched my heart.”

During the launch event, which included an audience of more than 140 residents and family members of Ossining’s veterans, each banner was read, including the service member’s name, rank, sponsor, military branch, service dates, war/conflict era, and additional info/awards earned. The Village of Ossining Historian Joyce Sharrock Cole initiated this program and coordinated the presentation of these inaugural banners. She has worked with the service member’s families and sponsors to provide historically accurate information about each individual. “It was a privilege to lead a program that honors the courageous individuals in our community who have made sacrifices, including those who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom,” said Sharrock Cole. “These banners serve as a poignant reminder of their service, and I will always show my respect every time I travel down Croton Avenue.”

On Monday, May 20th, 2024, the Village’s dedicated DPW staff kicked off the banner placement. The installation starts outside of 16 Croton Ave. It progresses chronologically towards Pleasantville Road, with service dates beginning with Henry Edward Duers, who served in the Civil War era, through Justin Cusano, who is currently serving. The Village Board of Trustees is honored that several black veterans and a woman whose service to the United States of America is regularly undervalued are included in our banners.

The ceremony was held on May 18 at the Ossining Public Library. Photo supplied

For those who missed the event, you can see the ceremony on YouTube: and view each banner on the village’s website:

Banners will remain on Croton Avenue through Veteran’s Day. For those unable to participate this year, the 2025 banner campaign will begin on Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2024.

For more information, please contact Historian Joyce Sharrock Cole at

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