Eastview Trestle Tarrytown

What Happened to East View?

Did you ever drive north or south on the Saw Mill River Parkway and see the sign for “Eastview,” and wonder where or what, is East View?  I would like […] Read more »
Anna Gould

Lyndhurst . . . The Duchess’s Gift

Jay Gould was a leading railroad developer and speculator of the 19th century.  By 1880 he controlled 10,000 miles of railways in the United States.  His business methods were often […] Read more »
Worcester Reed Warner

They Gave Us the Warner Library

Every summer in the early 50’s the Warner Library held a reading contest for the most books read and reported on by the young children of Tarrytown and North Tarrytown.  […] Read more »
The Egg and Butter Man of Eastview

The Egg and Butter Man of Eastview

When I was a young boy my family often went for rides on Sundays.  Often, the ride would lead around the Tarrytown Lakes, past the pump house, then through a […] Read more »

When They Filled in the Hudson River at Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow

When I was in grade school, I was taught something that was very interesting. It was very puzzling at the time because I could not quite visualize it when I […] Read more »

The Last Family That Lived in the Tarrytown Lighthouse

When giving tours at the Tarrytown Lighthouse, I still have people come up to me and say, “Do you know that I have lived in Sleepy Hollow my whole life, […] Read more »

Steam Starts the 1899 Auto Industry

Most people that have lived in Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown remember the long-standing influence General Motors had on our economy, population, and traffic throughout the Villages. Read more »

The Mural at Washington Irving Intermediate School

There is a bronze plaque on the lower right hand corner of a mural at Washington Irving Intermediate School that states: Presented To: Washington Irving High School By the Board […] Read more »

Elsie Janis and the Manor House

Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow have always had its share of celebrities such as Washington Irving, John C. Fremont, John D. and William Rockefeller, Mark Twain (for a very short period), […] Read more »

When the Trolleys Ran in Tarrytown

Can you imagine taking a trip from Tarrytown’s Depot Plaza to White Plains in an electric trolley that made no noise, except for the sound of its bell, and did […] Read more »