Election 2009, Room at the Top

During Obama’s campaign for president, the popular refrain became, "Yes, we can." In the lead-up to next month’s Village elections in Irvington, the refrain has become, "Yes, he can. " […] Read more »

BRRR…Cold Facts on School Budgets & Village Taxes

Residents of Tarrytown, Sleepy Hollow and Irvington most likely will face either higher taxes or cuts in services in 2009. Or it could even be both. Villages and school boards […] Read more »

From Wall Street to Irvington’s Main Street

The economic crisis officially has spread from Wall Street to Main Street. Actually, 85 Main Street, in Irvington, to be precise. "It’s not just a headline in the newspaper; it’s […] Read more »

Mayor Fills Vacancy on Irvington’s Board

Irvington residents have a new Village trustee after Mayor Erin Malloy appointed Terence Masterson, 50, to fill a seat recently vacated by Patricia Ryan. Malloy announced the appointment and presided […] Read more »

Honored in Irvington… Develops Seek Waterfront Rezoning

Irvington residents would lose out on an additional $600,000 in expected ratables and a more developed waterfront if Village trustees move forward with the rezoning legislation recommended by the town’s […] Read more »

Waterfront Development Entices New Sleepy Hollow Village Administrator

It’s never a bad beginning to a new job when you get something accomplished before the official start date. So it was probably a good omen that 44-year-old Anthony Giaccio, […] Read more »

It Takes A Village — Reducing Gas Usage

While residents are feeling pain at the gas pump, officials running our Villages are figuring out ways to tighten their belts as well when it comes to energy costs. Unlike […] Read more »

Pomp and Circumstance 2008, Irvington High School

In Irvington High School, 85 percent of the 171 seniors who will graduate on Saturday are headed to a four-year college. Ten percent are either still waiting for an acceptance […] Read more »

Pain in the Gas, Ever get the urge to scream at a local gas station owner?

Well, don’t. Chances are, he’s suffering from high gas prices just like you. “I’m just barely breaking even right now,” said Faisal Akram, owner of the Shell station at the […] Read more »

Pomp and Circumstance 2008, Sleepy Hollow High School

At Sleepy Hollow High School, 87 percent of the 180 students who will graduate on June 26 will be attending two- and four-year colleges in 19 states. Three percent are […] Read more »