RiverTalk Podcast: Episode 6 – A Conversation with Amanda Bayley of Plan it Wild

Amanda Bayley, CEO, Plan it Wild

Have you considered rewilding for your personal piece of Westchester paradise? Or maybe you’re not familiar with rewilding.

Either way, listen to the latest episode of RiverTalk with Plan it Wild CEO Amanda Bayley as she discusses the unique benefits of rewilding specific to the Westchester environment

“When we’re rewilding we’re restoring what was here before development, as well as adding in ‘friendlies’ – plants that will provide habitat. Habitat in the form of canopy for shading, but also leaves that insects and caterpillars eat. Habitat in the form of the roots that absorb water. When we’re talking about rewilding, we’re planting habitats that provide a whole set of ecosystem services.”

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