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Students Are Experiencing a
New Kind of ‘Home’ Room

We’re busy at work assembling the April 2020 edition of the combined River Journal/River Journal North.

Not surprisingly, there is ample coverage of how Covid-19 has affected all our lives.

Take the Marcus family of Cortlandt.

Brody is a 6th grader at Blue Mountain Middle School in Cortlandt Manor, part of the Hendrick Hudson School District.

Dad Jaime teaches 9th grade English at Ardsley High School. Mom Lindsey is education coordinator for River Journal North. She interviewed Jaime for our April issue.

Says Jaime, who uses Google Classroom for his remote instruction: “I started teaching To Kill a Mockingbird to my students before the health crisis, and the experience has not been negatively impacted so far. I have posted a few relevant videos, so students may post comments, and that will foster a really good discussion for all of us. The students can see each other’s comments and I am able to provide live feedback.”

‘The further you get from in-person teaching,
the further you get from optimal learning’

What does Jaime think of remote learning as a long-term form of instruction?

The Marcus family — Lindsey, Brody, Jaime — are getting a crash course in teaching and learning at home during the coronavirus crisis. Photo: Jaime Marcus

“The longer we do remote learning, the more likely the level of education is going to falter,” he says. “I have confidence staff and students will do their best, but the further you get from in-person teaching, the further you get from optimal learning.”

For his part, Brody “has embraced the experience well,” says Lindsey. “I’m impressed with how well he’s adapted.” She gives a lot of credit to the Hendrick Hudson School District, which was quickly organized to deal with the change from classroom to “home” room.

You can read the full interview of Jaime Marcus by Lindsey Marcus in the forthcoming April 2020 edition of River Journal/River Journal North.

Look for it in your mail the second week in April.

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