Letter to the Editor: Tarrytown Union Free School District Board Elections

Dear Editor,

This past week registered voters should have received ballots in the mail for the Tarrytown Union Free School District (TUFSD) school budget and board elections. During these unprecedented times, passing the budget could not be more important to our children’s education and future.

As a result of COVID-19, TUFSD will have to tackle new policies and guidelines to keep our children and educators safe and healthy while simultaneously continuing to build on its distance learning capabilities. This is in addition to all the programs our District already provides for our children’s growth. The District will need to be creative and flexible in order to adapt to the many changes facing them in the upcoming school year.

Across the country we have seen disparities in distance learning with inequities becoming glaringly prevalent. These inequities manifest in many different ways that include (but not limited to) access to broadband/data, ownership of devices, ability to work on lessons independently, food insecurity and support at home. Our district has faced these challenges as well. Whether or not the school year starts in person, reverts back to the distance learning model, or establishes hybrid models that may include staggered class times or more, our district has to be prepared to take the needs of all children into account. The proposed budget will better enable our district to meet those needs in an equitable and fiscally responsible way. We hope our community continues to invest in our future leaders by saying YES to the school budget.

As the district moves forward with planning for the upcoming school year, all stakeholders – parents, educators, taxpayers – should have more visibility into these specific plans but also the district’s overall goals, achievements, challenges, and applicable processes. Our Board will need to find additional avenues for communication with our community to enable all families to have a voice, participate and engage with the District leaders and Board of Education more than ever before. Transparency and clear communication will be key to our success. It has always taken a village and our villages are eager to engage.Along with the budget there is also an ongoing Board election, we, Cecelia Gordon and Deborah Taylor, are running for seats on the TUFSD Board of Ed. A vote for us is a vote for transparency, fiscal responsibility, enhanced communication, and equity.

On your ballot, please MARK the WRITE-IN box and WRITE CECELIA GORDON and MARK box 2A for DEB TAYLOR. Thank you!!

Note: All ballots can be dropped off in the ballot box installed outside the door at the District Administration office before 5PM on Tuesday, June 9. If you did not receive a ballot and believe you are a qualified voter, contact Nelly Valentin, District Clerk at 914. 631-9404 or by email at nvalentin@tufsd.org. Provide her with your name and address and the District Office will arrange for a ballot to be delivered directly to your mailbox.

With gratitude,
Cecelia Gordon and Deb Taylor


  1. Deborah and Cecelia you both have our full support! THANK YOU for volunteering yourselves to your community!

  2. Cecelia and Deb are two women of the highest integrity, intelligence, and transparency. Please write-in CECELIA GORDON and vote for DEB TAYLOR!

  3. I personally know Cecelia and I fully believe that she will be transparent, fiscally responsible, an enhanced communicator, and a champion of equity. Please WRITE-IN Cecelia Gordon and vote for Deb Taylor!

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