Letter to the Editor: Electric School Buses Better for Environment

To the Editor,
Thanks to the efforts of Croton100, I have become aware of an item on the Croton Harmon School District’s June 9 Ballot. I oppose Proposition 3, the Transportation Bond, because the plan is to use most of that money to purchase a new gas bus.
I would like to see the Croton schools follow other nearby districts such as White Plains and New York City by purchasing electric school buses to begin to replace the gas buses we currently use.
Electric buses are better for our environment as they do not use fossil fuels and emit CO2. Riding in an electric bus will be healthier for our children as they do not spew pollutants that directly effect children on or waiting to board their bus.
Additionally, the heavy batteries located underneath the electric buses provide extra stability and safety.
We must take this opportunity to make an impact at the local level.
Please join me in voting “no” to Proposition 3 and let the Croton School know we do not want them to purchase another gas bus!
Lisa Morsberger

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