Op-ed: Urging All Fellow SH Board of Trustees Candidates to Campaign on the Issues

I am writing to all candidates for the Board of Trustees of the Village of Sleepy Hollow to urge you to join Patrick and me in committing ourselves to campaigning on what we want to bring to the Sleepy Hollow Board of Trustees – to focus on the issues. Heated allegations of failures are counterproductive, especially when not backed up by facts. They damage relationships, confuse voters, and are harmful to our community.

Each of us lives in the Village of Sleepy Hollow. We are neighbors. Being a Trustee of the Village of Sleepy Hollow is not an easy task. You often make decisions in an imperfect world that cannot make everyone happy. I believe our ability to achieve progress depends on the voice of our citizens, who inform our ability to prioritize and plan for what is best for the Village as a whole. You cannot responsibly manage a budget without deciding what to fund and what not to fund, i.e., setting priorities.

Patrick and I are not motivated by politics. We want to work collaboratively to make decisions that improve our Village as a whole. For me that means prioritizing transportation safety, walkability in our entire Village, a vibrant downtown, and maintaining our infrastructure. The East Parcel Projects are part of these goals—but they are only one part of a much bigger, Village-wide whole. The current activity on the East Parcel is the foundation for giving residents access to enjoy new recreation facilities and increased connectivity sooner rather than later, while we work on budgeting to deliver the full vision articulated by our Comprehensive Plan.

Other Trustees may have different priorities, and I respect those. I am not here to attack my fellow candidates’ priorities that are different from mine. Patrick and I do not always agree on everything. But we do come together to discuss, analyze, and ultimately decide how to spend the Village’s tax dollars in a way that responsibly manages our finances—we are committed to collaborative decision making.

I call on my fellow candidates to make and uphold a commitment to campaigning on what our own, individual vision and priorities are, without tearing down other viewpoints.

Lauren Connell
Candidate for the Sleepy Hollow Board of Trustees

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  1. Thank you for sharing. It is indeed confusing , and would be great if you could address some of the specific claims made by the opposing party so we can hear all sides. Will be at the next debate so perhaps there. Thanks for your service, this is not an easy job.

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