Mars, a.k.a., Irvington School Board

To the Editor.
We, the people, in the Irvington school district, have to surmise that our School Board lives on another planet. The Earth is in a financial downward spiral, and yet the members of our Board, float above the fray, as though they live on Mars, not down here!!

Our “out in space” Board just approved increased salaries for all of our many administrators, except two, who declined increases. It is said that one principal was granted a $14,000 increase. Those recent long-lasting packed budget meetings were a charade. Our five Board members never divulged to us that there was money in the budget, which they knew that they would spend for raises. That’s blatant deception.  Did the Board fear that our administrators would strike without an increase?! Where on earth could our administrators go and get a better cushy deal than they already have here in (Candyland) Irvington? But the Board has no problem endangering children, by proposing a separate vote to cut back bus routes!  Imagine, they would jeopardize children’s safety to save money, but have enough secretly stored in the budget to grant hefty pay raises to our administrators.
What are they thinking in the midst of this global economic meltdown?! If there was extra money embedded in the current budget, why didn’t the Board give that back to the taxpayers with a tax decrease, rather than increase already high-paying salaries? It’s our money! Doesn’t the Board feel any responsibility or sympathy for our community? This clearly demonstrates that our School Board behaves like aliens, whose allegiance is to our employees. We all see it at meetings, and know it based on their actions. In addition to these raises, the other obvious egregious example, is that they annually renew the superintendent’s five-year contract.
The Board’s actions reveal that it is  imperative that we elect an independent person, like Robyne Camp. That she doesn’t have children in the system, is to our advantage. She has nothing to gain, such as parental power and favoritism by placating the superintendents and administrators, etc. Robyne will not fear reprisals either, when she makes pragmatic decisions. She will objectively work for us, not for our highly paid employees.
It is time to bring our School Board back down to earth by voting for Robyne Camp!
Linda Leary
Irvington, NY

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