Irvington School Tax

To the Editor: I am a frustrated and agitated Irvington school taxpayer. The school tax bill recently arrived and I thought what a huge price I pay to educate the […] Read more »

Irvington School Board

To the Editor, Congratulations to the two candidates who were elected to the Irvington School Board: Robyne Camp and John Dawson. They both opposed the status quo and wanted a […] Read more »

Mars, a.k.a., Irvington School Board

To the Editor.We, the people, in the Irvington school district, have to surmise that our School Board lives on another planet. The Earth is in a financial downward spiral, and yet the members of our Board, float above the […] Read more »

Taxpayers Take Notice!

Dear Editor: Our five school board members control one of the biggest expenditures that thousands of homeowners have to bear annually — school taxes. Read more »

Reflections on the Irvington Field Vote Defeat

It’s quite astounding that the Irvington School Board, after a landslide defeat of the fields referendum, thinks the main reason is the economy. I realize that the Board spent a great deal of time deliberating […] Read more »