Letter to the Editor: Vote for Democrats 

I have been a teacher in Scarsdale Schools for 25 years and have been a resident of this area for much of my life. In fact, most of my extended family lives in Ossining and Croton. I am active here in Green Ossining, on the board of the Ossining Youth Bureau and I am a District Leader. As I was shopping around town this weekend (as we Democrats do, to support local business) I saw a sign telling people not to vote Democrat because we are all about war, taxes and lies. If you are in that closed-minded camp you may be dismissed. Otherwise, please read on to learn why you absolutely should vote for Democrats on November 8th.

The first reason you should vote for Democrats is that we are going to win. But that’s not actually the most important reason. We need representatives that are going to advocate for all the things we care about. If you live locally, vote for our Ossining Village representatives, Mayor Rika Levin and trustees Dana White and Manuel Quezada. They are doing a phenomenal job leading us into the future. Unlike some other suburban and rural NY communities we are lucky to have a very diverse population. Our representatives work tirelessly to listen, understand and advocate for equity, celebrate diversity and support tradition. They are smart and fiscally responsible as well as responsive to the ideas and priorities of their constituents. They deserve your support at the ballot box and beyond.

At the state level we are incredibly lucky to have Dana Levenburg on the ballot to represent us in Albany as Assemblywoman. I have never met anyone in government with more integrity and passion for the work of the people. She does not miss an opportunity to create solutions that make our lives better. Since she’s our neighbor, she will be sure to keep us in mind as she works for a sustainable and equitable future for all.

In case you need more reasons to vote for Democrats across the ballot I offer this: Democrats will fight for our right to make decisions about our own bodies, keeping personal medical information private and safe from Republican prosecutors across state lines who have traded in their compassion for power. They will advocate for children and schools rather than tax cuts for their rich donors. They will work to make a sustainable future for us all, rather than ranting about made-up cabals coming to lock up your family.

Seriously, vote for Democrats on November 8th. If you’re an independent or Republican that’s still reading this and you’re thinking about sitting out this election, please consider what rights you have left to lose. A vote for Democrats is a vote for Democracy.

Katie Marshall
Ossining, NY


  1. Who is ranting and raving? I speak with calmness and assurance. We will see next Tuesday who is ranting and raving nationwide.

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