Letter to the Editor: Vote for a Clean Environment

We all need clean air and clean water. President Trump is now proclaiming that he is an environmentalist. He is not. Neither is Rob Astorino who is running for NYS Senate. Rob did great damage to our park system while he was in office and he supports fracking and gas pipelines. Astorino is a strong Trump supporter. He embraces what the President has done to degrade our environment and has done the same in Westchester during his tenure as County Executive.

Trump has consistently appointed people with close ties to industry as head of the agency that are supposed to regulate so that they could eliminate environmental safeguards.  Industry polluters now head the Environmental Protection Agency. The court has just ruled that the head of the Interior Department has been serving illegally as he was not confirmed by the Senate and his regulations to open up 95% of Montana’s national park land to gas and oil drilling are invalid. A chemical company spokesperson has been appointed to lead the Consumer Product Safety Commission. This is the agency that we rely to protect us from cancer causing chemicals. The list goes on and on.

Astorino, as a Trump supporter, would continue the same sort of misguided actions on the state level and scrap the goal of moving to renewable energy by 2040. The cronyism and back room deals of his previous administration in Westchester attest to this. Trump and Astorino are a team that spells disaster for New York’s economy, our air, water and energy policy.

Vote for progress, a clean environment and a green energy future for our kids and grandkids. Vote for Peter Harckham and Joe Biden.

Marilyn Elie
United 4 Clean Energy

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