Letter to the Editor: Vote early or on Election Day

Best options for voting: Vote early or on Election Day

Avoid using absentee ballots for the November election.

Two recent changes to the rules for absentee ballots in New York could change your voting plans.

First, and this is final. If you request an absentee ballot by submitting a signed request form, the poll books will indicate that you have voted absentee even if you didn’t receive your ballot or you decide not to use it. If you go to the polls for early voting or on election day, you can vote but only on an affidavit ballot. Leave yourself plenty of time to fill out the affidavit envelope and be sure to have an election worker review it with you.

Second, still uncertain. Using the “fear of contracting or spreading communicable disease” excuse, number two in the list of excuses on the absentee ballot application, may not work. A court decision may make any ballot granted under that excuse invalid. If you are not following this case closely, you may find that your absentee ballot has been disqualified. The date for the court decision is unknown.

Solution: Make a plan to vote early or on election day. Look at your county Board of Elections website or call them for the locations and times you can vote at. Arrange transportation (If you can’t walk there, watch postings for local organizations offering free rides; call Uber or Lyft for free or discounted rides). Go VOTE!

Catherine Ray
Ossining, NY 10562

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