Letter to the Editor: The Peekskill Democratic Primary

To the Editor :


Conor Greene

For the first time in quite a number of years, we in the City of Peekskill are witnessing an unusual situation: a choice in our Democratic party Mayoral and Common Council options. Sadly, instead of recognizing a healthy trend in the democratic process, this situation has been viewed by many with suspicion and resentment. Indeed, accusations of disloyalty and divisiveness were voiced at last week’s Primary debate, during which many of the key issues facing the city were discussed.


The slate of challengers — the Progress 4 Peekskill candidates — have articulated their positions and key concerns effectively: the need for more affordable housing in our city in which we see an abundance of market rate apartments under construction all over town; a recognition that Peekskill’s area median income is well below that of Westchester County’s; a need for a new master plan for the city and a far more aggressive approach to moving Peekskill forward on the path to sustainability in the face of climate change; and a commitment to transparency in government.


These and many other issues and proposed solutions have been outlined by the candidates — Conor Greene for Mayor, Vanessa Agudelo, Amy Perlow and Amy Vele for Common Council — during their campaign. I urge registered Democrats in Peekskill to consider their choices carefully during this Primary voting period and consider the potential for change and a new approach to governing that this team offers.


Marie Inserra


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  1. Vivian McKenzie has brought Peekskill forward as Deputy Mayor. I will vote for her and her diverse team tomorrow in the Democratic Primary. Polls open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

    Her team includes Ramon Fernandez and Dwight Douglas who are seeking re-election on the City Council and have earned our votes! Together with Mayor Andre Rainey at the helm have brought in over $26 million dollars in state and county funds to improve our gorgeous parks and bolster our small businesses and start ups!

    Rob Scott, who is the owner of PK Blenz Juice Bar on Main Street in Peekskill joined this diverse ticket to run for the first time for City Council. Meet him and you will know why Vivian McKenzie can KEEP Peekskill moving forward!!

    All four are longtime Peekskill residents and parents of children in our schools.

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