Letter to the Editor: The Case for More Drop Boxes in Westchester

Paul Feiner

Many voters around the country are expressing outrage because the Georgia Legislature passed a bill that would limit ballot drop boxes to locations inside voting locations. It’s a form of voter suppression -designed to discourage voter participation.  Same thing has been happening in Westchester and in NYS.

Last year I called on the Westchester County Board of Elections and the New York State Legislature and NYS Board of Elections to place drop box voting locations outside municipal buildings, fire houses, schools to encourage voter participation. The State & County rejected that request — there were long voter lines at the early voting locations. Westchester officials did last year what Georgia is doing this year — letting people hand deliver their ballots to the two early voting locations.

With postal service unreliable, drop box voting locations at convenient locations within walking distance or short drives from voters would encourage people who don’t want to vote in person (because of Covid concerns) to vote in both primary and general elections. The lack of drop boxes makes it difficult for people who work multiple jobs or long hours, who face transportation challenges or who have multiple caregiving responsibilities to vote

I urge the State Board of Elections and the County Board of Elections to mandate that drop boxes be placed outside every municipal building prior to this years primary and general election and in every future election. NYS should not be like Georgia.

Paul Feiner
Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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