Letter to the Editor: Support for Martin Rutyna for Sleepy Hollow Mayor

Mayor Wray’s letter of 2/22 scoffed at Mayoral candidate Martin Rutyna’s plans for transparency in Sleepy Hollow’s government. People who pay attention in the Village know that when Mayor Wray is petulant like that, he’s hiding something.

Sleepy Hollow is withholding car crash reports from the State’s Department of Motor Vehicles, crime data from the FBI[1] and police disciplinary records from the Journal News.[2] Wray has also distorted facts 35 times in hopes of distracting residents from supporting the creation of safe walking, cycling, transit and driving conditions along the whole Route 9 corridor in the Village.[3]

Fourteen years of this is enough. Sleepy Hollow needs an honest leader. Election Day is March 21. Vote.


Daniel Convissor

[1] https://convissor.net/sleepy-hollow/village-election-2021/police-reporting.php

[2] https://data.lohud.com/new-york-police-disciplinary-records/?searchtext=sleepy+hollow

[3] https://biketarrytown.org/broadway-for-everybody/truth-about-route-9-safety-project-sleepy-hollow.php

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