Letter to the Editor: Support for Adam Schleifer

Adam Schleifer

Having just watched the Women’s League of Voters Congressional town hall panel of Congressional candidates,  I am convinced that Adam Schleifer is the number one person to be able to work for the same principles of the outgoing incredible Congresswoman Nita Lowey.

Adam will do all in his power to stand up for the rights of every citizen in the 17th district.  His experience as a former federal prosecutor and consumer protections regulator gives him the ability to fight against the bullies and fraudsters, as he fought against fraud and abuse. He knows we need a recovery plan after this pandemic which includes fighting for assistance for small business, the reform of the SALT act (restrictive tax deductions), keeping people employed and with health care for all.

Adam will make sure our country is prepared in case there is a second round of Covid 19 and is aware of the catastrophic disaster that happened from the virus when it was shown our government wasn’t prepared to deal with it. He will also fight for climate change and gun control. He will fight for all and rebuild our capacity to respond to anything that comes our way.

Submitted by Harriett (Gigi) Zeller a Mt. Kisco Senior


  1. Adam is running this race like he’s entitled to the seat and is throwing money at it at an unbelievable pace. When asked if he will divest his millions of pharma and tech holdings he blocks people and disconnects chats. What does that say about him? I want someone who will fight for fair drug pricing. Regeneron is notorious for gouging patients who desperately need their drugs. I think he isn’t serious about the community and that this is nothing but a vanity project for him. We can do way better.

  2. How can we trust Adam to stand up for the rights of every citizen when he refuses to answer questions about his own financial conflicts of interests? Adam has over $25 million in pharmaceutical stock and is the son of Regeneron’s CEO (a pharmaceutical company with a revenue of nearly $8 billion). Adam has refused to answer voters’ concerns about rising drug prices, and, more specifically, about legislation to regulate the pharmaceutical industry. Regeneron recently secured a contract with the Trump administration in which the government will pay 80 percent of the costs of developing and manufacturing coronavirus treatments — without any requirement that the final products be affordable. There is currently a bipartisan bill before Congress- We PAID Act- that would force corporations like Regeneron that accept taxpayer dollars for drug development to keep the prices affordable for consumers once that medication is developed. Community members have repeatedly asked Adam whether he would support this bill, and he refuses to answer. How can we trust Adam to represent us given his conflicts of interest and his evasiveness when asked about these conflicts?

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