Letter to the Editor Reform the Family Court System

To whom it may concern,

Enough is enough. The family court system in New York has persistently failed our children. We, the shared parenting leaders, the Domestic Violence advocates, Father’s rights champions, single parent defenders, and the citizens of New York, are beyond exhaustion. We are banding together— domestic violence organizations, Father’s rights groups, along with countless others fighting for our children’s futures.

To the officials who have turned a blind eye and deepened the divide, hear this: We demand change. We are uniting, and if the Family Courts refuse to evolve, we will unseat those who stand in the way of justice. This isn’t about politics; this is about our children’s civil rights, their safety, their tomorrows.

This is a rallying cry from Rouses Point to Staten Island; our battle is with the courts. We must unite, redefine the narrative, and rise for the seismic reform that our family courts desperately need. Change is not just coming; it is here.

Best regards & safety

Andre’ K. Rainey
Proud Father of 4
Former Mayor of Peekskill, New York
Current Chair of New York, National Parent’s Organization
Vice President of FathersAreImportant

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