Letter to the Editor re: Mondaire Jones

Dear Editor,

Mondaire Jones

We represent the voices of the nearly 140,000 disabled and chronically ill people in our congressional district and their loved ones. Our families know what it’s like to live with a disability or chronic illness — both the invisible and the visible, the physical and the cognitive — or care for someone who has one. We trust one candidate to fight for our rights in Congress: Mondaire Jones.

We have seen firsthand how our current healthcare and education systems leave disabled people behind. We have experienced the endless phone calls with insurance and pharmaceutical companies to get basic medical expenses covered — and constantly live in fear of those life-sustaining treatments going uncovered. We have walked our loved ones into their special education classrooms and spoken with their teachers, who do the best they can with the resources available, which are often insufficient.

Mondaire stands out in this crowded field when it comes to disability rights because he’s not just talk—he is substantive, well-informed, and above all, empathetic. He recognizes healthcare as a human right and the necessity of protecting people with pre-existing conditions. He is a fierce advocate for Medicare for All, which would allow us to focus on how to best care for our loved ones rather than how to pay for their treatment. He would work to end the subminimum wage—which allows employers in some states to pay disabled people under $1 an hour—because he believes in the dignity of all workers to earn a living wage. He is committed to funding the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act, (which has gone unfunded for the past 45 years) so that disabled people are given every opportunity to reach their full potential.

Mondaire also understands that disabled people usually bear the brunt of our crises, and will fight for equitable solutions. He has been outspoken about the disparate impact the COVID-19 crisis has had on the disabled community. As schools transition to remote learning, he has pledged to co-sponsor the AIM HIGH Act to ensure that online education is accessible and that disabled students are not left behind. Moreover, he has highlighted the need for equitable distribution of disaster relief, which far too often neglects the needs of disabled people.

We need a champion for disabled people in Congress. Mondaire Jones has displayed excellent leadership on issues that matter most to us, and that’s why we are asking you to join us in voting for him on June 23rd.


Sara Fisch, Annie Horowitz, Sophie Rapley

West Irvington NY 10533

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