Letter to the Editor: Pot (Hole) Luck

Many of the roads owned by NYS have lots of potholes on them and are in bad shape. Motorists frequently experience car and tire damage when driving over a pothole.

If your vehicle was damaged on a New York state road, (Dobbs Ferry Road, Central Ave, 119, Hillside, Knollwood, Saw Mill River Road, Broadway in Greenburgh) and your car suffered damage – you are out of luck.  Between November 14th to May 1st of each year the NYS government has exempted itself from having to reimburse motorists for car damages even if they had received written notice of poor road conditions.  If one’s car is damaged NYS doesn’t pay the car owner a penny.

It’s my hope that Governor Kathy Hochul and the members of the NYS Legislature will vote to change the law  and allow motorists to get remibursed for potholes on state roads if they had received notice of the potholes and did nothing about it.  Many of the NYS owned Roads in Greenburgh are in poor shape. Two of the worst  examples: Knollwood Road and Central Ave—numerous potholes, craters, horrible road conditions. If NYS is unable to afford to maintain their roads they should at least reimburse motorists whose cars and tires are damaged due to the potholes.

Paul Feiner
Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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