Letter to the Editor: Pharmacies and Curbside Pickup

Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner

Last week a committee of local doctors, working with me, recommended that pharmacies institute curbside pickup of medication as an option for customers. I enthusiastically support the recommendation. A pharmacy should allow customers to order by phone and/or to order by website if the pharmacy has an existing website ordering system, and pay via credit card information supplied by the customer over the phone or website. Subject to the pharmacy validating the credit card, the items ordered would be delivered at Curbside under such delivery procedures as the pharmacy implements.

The pharmacy would inform the customer of its procedures for curbside delivery/pickup. The pharmacy employee delivering the purchased items should wear a face mask (a surgical face mask if available). Pharmacies should encourage employees to wash hands or use hand sanitizer or wipes with at least 60% alcohol before and between direct contacts with the public. Any order of prescription drugs would be subject to the customer providing the doctor’s prescription, as well as all laws, regulations and directives governing prescription drugs and the dispensing of prescription drugs.

I would appreciate it if readers would advise me what pharmacies (name, address) provide this service so I can publicize on the town website: www.greenburghny.com. My e mail is pfeiner@greenburghny.com.  If your pharmacy does not provide the service please encourage them to do so. The more people who reach out to their local pharmacist the better the chances are that they will offer their customers this important service.

This initiatiave, if implemented, will help us save lives. It would be great if supermarkets would also consider curbside pickup options.

Greenburgh Town Supervisor


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