Letter to the Editor: Peekskill Mayor Endorses Levenberg for Assembly

Dear Editor:

As the Mayor of the City of Peekskill, I have had the opportunity to work with all of the candidates seeking the Democratic line for the 95th Assembly District, and I write today to share why I am voting for Dana Levenberg for New York State Assembly in the primary. She is a step above, and we deserve the best.

Dana is a proven leader who will deliver concrete results for the residents of the 95th Assembly District. I have seen her work ethic and her dedication to her constituents. When an issue comes up, Dana leaps into action. She is a champion for working class residents, founding the Ossining Micro Fund to provide no interest loans to help folks get the break they need to get ahead. She is a climate champion, shepherding the largest solar canopy in Westchester to construction. She has installed electric vehicle charging stations across Ossining, all while keeping taxes in check.

In everything that Dana does she gives all of her effort. She makes sure to understand an issue’s background and components and then works to bring the appropriate resources to bear. Her leadership in the Westchester Municipal Officials Association is a testament to her ability to build consensus and the respect she has earned among her colleagues in local government. She is not a fair-weather leader, if there is a cause of interest to her constituents Dana is in the trenches fighting on their behalf.

Dana is not an average democrat. She shows up and gets to work. She isn’t interested in the job, but in doing the work of improving lives. We deserve nothing less and should not settle for less.

Join me in voting for Dana on June 28, or during early voting June 18 through June 26.

Vivian McKenzie
Mayor, City of Peekskill

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  1. So this has nothing to do with the original pick of Andre Rainey being disqualified from the race? Asking for a friend…actually asking for many, many friends.

    This same response can be for the letter to the editor from the deputy mayor as well.

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