Letter to the Editor: Paul is Always on Call

Paul Feiner

I recently saw a campaign sign on the side of the road while I was driving which read “Paul Feiner; Always on call.” Usually these signs don’t affect how I cast my vote in an upcoming election. Now, however, I truly believe that Paul Feiner is always on call.  Feiner, the current Town of Greenburgh Supervisor, is running for re-election in the primary on June 22nd.

I am a senior and I have had serious medical issues related to chronic infections for many years. Due to the serious symptoms I continue to experience every day, I was forced to leave my career in 2001. I need an infusion of intravenous Gamma globulin every 3 – 4 weeks to support my compromised immune system, and with the help of my doctor, I have been able to obtain this very important drug for more than 7 years. Due to financial issues and the very high cost of this drug, I had been receiving financial assistance over this time. I could not have afforded the coinsurance required by my insurance plan without this help. With Covid-19 ever present, this drug is even more important now to help protect me from that virus. The specialty pharmacy which has been providing me the drug as well as their financial assistance effectively went out of business in the latter part of 2020 after having been acquired some time ago by a larger Pharmaceutical company. My prescription for the Gamma globulin was transferred to this large Pharma company and so I applied for financial assistance through them as well. I had never had an issue with the previous specialty pharmacy I had been working with. It seems that with the new pharmacy and a different policy, now there was a financial issue. They declined to offer me financial assistance and I was unable to receive this very important drug for 8 weeks at which time I agreed to pay the coinsurance so I could get the infusion I seriously needed. I was looking for other sources of financial assistance, but none seemed to be available at the time.

A contact I made suggested I speak with my Town Supervisor. Maybe he or she could help. I had nothing to lose so I called Paul Feiner. His cell phone number is readily available and he took my phone call. When I explained the issue I was dealing with, he suggested I email him with the details of my struggle and so I did and I included a letter from my doctor to the pharma company requesting help on my behalf. In turn Paul sent these to several of his contacts with his input and also requesting help on my behalf. One of his contacts was a senior corporate executive of the large Pharma company which had declined to help me with financial assistance. His letter with my documentation made a difference. I received word within a short time that they had changed their policy and that I would now be eligible for their financial assistance retroactive to January 1, 2021 and for the remainder of the year. I was then able to order the drug which was delivered shortly thereafter. So, as the campaign sign says, Paul Feiner is always on call. Thanks Paul for your help. You’ve earned my vote.

Vince Giangrande
Greenburgh, NY


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