Letter to the Editor: Moving Local Elections to November

To the Editor:

On Tuesday, March 19th, Sleepy Hollow residents have a choice on whether they ever have to remember to go to the polls in March again.

In addition to voting on the school budget each May, as well as turning out for spring primaries and general November elections, Sleepy Hollow residents must also make time to vote for their mayor and trustees every March. That’s four elections every year in Sleepy Hollow.

Here are some of the reasons for moving our local elections to November:

  • One less election to remember to vote in;
  • Saves taxpayers the approximately $19,000 cost of the Village elections (not a blinding sum, but I can think of better uses for it);
  • Increase voter turnout from a few hundred constituents to a few thousand, which is what happened when Tarrytown moved their local elections to November;
  • There is no early voting* for March elections while there are 9 days during which to vote ahead of November elections;
  • Gives newly elected mayors and trustees five months instead of two weeks to create the annual budget, due April 1;

* You can still vote absentee by requesting a ballot here: https://ballotapplication.elections.ny.gov/home/absentee

The deadline to request is Friday, March 8th.

Voting “yes” on the March 19th ballot to move our local elections to November is the smart move.

Daphne Uviller
Sleepy Hollow

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