Letter to the Editor: Martin Rutyna for Sleepy Hollow Mayor  

Martin would serve Sleepy Hollow much better than Mayor Ken Wray has. A volunteer emergency responder, he has the temperament, platform skills, and foresight that public service demands. And how we need his open-minded leadership!

  1. Ken touts getting government grants, upgrading water & sewer service, replacing sidewalks, improving parks, and monitoring completion of the Riverwalk.  These would have been no challenge for a Mayor Rutyna.
  1. For Edge-on-Hudson, our vast new riverfront development, Ken approved the high-rise box style that nobody likes.  He rejected the early-1900s rivertown motif that Martin would’ve approved to preserve Sleepy Hollow’s historic heritage.
  1. To date, Ken has announced no plan for an alternative emergency evacuation route for our new riverfront residents.  He ignores warnings that Beekman Avenue is dangerously inadequate as their only way to safety.
  1. Ken’s unwillingness to dialogue with our emergency response volunteers has eroded public trust in his effectiveness.

 (A) On meeting videotapes, see the communication wall Ken has built between the Board and the public.  Martin would answer residents’ questions as we ask them, not make us wait to see if the Mayor decides to comment before he ends the meeting.

   (B)  Ken allowed the cutting down of two stately old oaks last year, the ones that graced Beekman Avenue across from the firehouse.  He ignored correspondence asking him why, with photos of the stumps that showed no disease.  Martin would protect our threatened tree  population by restoring the Tree Commission to its former membership – a variety of  residents with expertise in the field.

Make Martin our Mayor and he’ll make Village government responsive again.

Pat Munroe

Sleepy Hollow resident since 1944.  Elected Trustee in 1971, ’73, ’97.  Raised three children with wife Sonya Abelaf.

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