Letter to the Editor: In Support of TUFSD Bond Project

To the Editor:

There is much to be grateful for in our Sleepy Hollow/Tarrytown Community. We are especially blessed to have a professional, caring and proactive School Board led by our newly-appointed TUFSD Superintendent Ray Sanchez and his administrative team. This group, along with all others who support the school’s efforts, assures our children are provided with the tools and skills they need to graduate and succeed beyond high school.

In an effort to continue with this considerable success, I urge you to come out on December 12, 2023 and vote for our Capital Bond Project. During the past two years, I have been part of the district’s facility committee where we have reviewed many options on what was best to improve our schools further so that the next generation of students can continue to thrive and excel. This bond project is 53% funded by New York State aid, and will allow for essential renovations to aging infrastructure, building systems and precipitate restructuring of our undersized classrooms to assure that our children are provided with the best learning environment possible.

Besides the actual work that will be accomplished within the classroom, the bond will also execute the necessary repairs to our athletic facilities: this includes the restoration of the Washington Irving field bleachers and the addition of lights to our High School Football Field, creating even further extracurricular opportunities for students to shine. 

It is firmly in our hands to enact this intention.

Please get out and Vote “Yes.”

John Sutherland

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