Letter to the Editor: In Support of Rob Mayes for Cortlandt Town Board

I’ve been a proud resident of Cortlandt Manor since 2016. As a mom, I am always looking for ways to expand my son’s access to opportunities outside of our home and his classroom – scouts, sports, music, arts, parks, camps, church, and the like. As a clinical social worker who provides mental health support to some of New York’s most vulnerable, it is also important to me that I live near NYC. I was drawn to this area for its diversity, top-notch public schools, small town, community feel and relatively low taxes (by Westchester County standards). I own a home here, work locally and intend to stay in this area. That is why, for so many reasons, I support Robert “Rob” Mayes for Cortlandt Town Board.

Born and raised here, Rob chose to return to the area to start his own family after law school. If you are out and about in Cortlandt, you’ll see Rob! If he’s not coaching baseball, he’s running the Den meeting for Cub Scouts. If he misses a game or a meeting, it’s because he’s the only one brave enough to tackle the cotton candy machine at the PTA’s Fall Festival. Rob is part of the fabric of this community.

While maintaining the family-oriented feel that is Cortlandt, Rob also believes in long-term, sustainable growth in our area. He is committed to responsibly develop this community in a planful way, to accommodate future needs, while ensuring that we do not exhaust the capacity of existing infrastructure just to increase the tax base. Rob believes in prudent fiscal management and incrementally raising revenues during periods of strong economic growth to avoid large, painful tax increases down the line. In fact, while on the Board of Education for the Lakeland Central School District, Rob advocated for modernized curriculum and fought for overdue upgrades to district facilities at a 0% tax increase to residents. He was also the district’s most outspoken proponent for diversity, equity, and inclusion in our schools and provided a much needed, steady voice, on this polarizing issue.

Cortlandt is important to me, and I want my elected officials to represent my voice. I believe in maintaining the small-town feel of Cortlandt, while supporting responsible growth. I believe in diversity and inclusivity, and I want Cortlandt to remain a place where my family will always feel like we belong. Rob is a smart, reliable, caring, trustworthy member of this community, who holds the same values as I do. That is why, on Tuesday, November 8, I will vote for Democrat Robert Mayes for Cortlandt Town Board.


Erika L. Rexhouse, LCSW-R
Cortlandt Manor, NY



  1. I agree wholeheartedly! Rob has demonstrated that he is totally invested in making Cortlandt a great place to live! Vote for him on Tuesday, November 8!

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