Letter to the Editor: In Support of Paul Feiner

Two score and seven years ago (long ago) as an idealistic patriotic teenager, I was told I had to become either Democrat,Republican, or independent. I figured I’d choose the lesser of evils and do the Common Sense thing.  To this day I won’t abandon my Declaration of Independence, although as an independent voter I can’t vote in a Democratic Primary for Greenburgh Town Supervisor!  But, if I could be a Democrat, and also an independent thinker, here’s what I’d say:

Like many, I recall Paul Feiner as a young man standing in front of the supermarket talking to citizens. Sound familiar? The look in his eyes and the tone of his voice has never wavered. His pure heart and sincerity to help others has stayed true for every cause great or small. There is no one he turns away and each person he truly seeks to help. As an independent voter, I would never want to see a public servant with such a good heart cancelled in anyway. As a patriot, I know that is common sense. Anything less is a threat to our freedom to participate in open government where we all matter and all are heard.  I see Paul working to facilitate that sacred God-given right for every citizen – a freedom we might easily take for granted because it has always been there. In my opinion, Paul represents the independence we celebrate this time of year. He is more than always on call; Paul is for all.

Terry Pavone
White Plains NY

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