Letter to the Editor: In Support of Karen Brown

I am excited about the candidacy of Karen Brown who is running for Mayor of Tarrytown. Karen will be an exceptional Mayor. She’s also an exceptional person.

I first met Karen in 2008 when she started (with her husband) the innovative Hudson Barter Exchange, a unique opportunity for local businesses to help other businesses succeed by bartering goods and services. Her initiative has served as a model for businesses around the region. And has helped small businesses survive and prosper. Karen thinks out of the box, is one of the most innovative people I know and she will put her creativity, great ideas to good use for the residents of Tarrytown.

Karen has worked hard to revitalize the Tarrytown waterfront. During her decade of service as a member of the Zoning Board of Trustees she worked hard to make sure that Tarrytown continues to be one of the prettiest and most attractive villages in the nation. She’s been involved in the PTA and has worked hard to promote the activities of the Sleepy Hollow High School Football boosters.

During the pandemic Karen could be found delivering meals to seniors. She has helped tenants pay rent. She started Dining Alfresco on Main Street and has helped many merchants stay in business.

Karen is approachable. Not arrogant. I think she will be one of the best chief elected officials the county has ever seen and hope that Tarrytown voters will give her a chance to put her talents to good use for the village. My endorsement of Karen is being made with a great deal of enthusiasm and excitement.

Karen is also running with a dedicated team: Becky McGovern, David Kim, and Effie Phillips-Staley. They will help make sure that the best is yet to come for Tarrytown. Tarrytown residents are very lucky!

Paul Feiner
Greenburgh Town Supervisor


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