Letter to the Editor? In Support of Fern Quezada

To the editor:

I am writing this letter in support of Fern Quezada for Town of Ossining Highway Superintendent.  I have known Fern since 2014.   I met her through the Forest of Fears Haunted attraction, an event that she led.    She brought together a community of volunteers from school age children to adults to produce a spectacular annual event.    She and her volunteers went through painstaking details and logistical maneuvering to ensure that this event was executed flawlessly—which it was each year!    Additionally, she and her team donated the proceeds from this event to a local animal shelter.

One of the key things about Fern that our community should know is that she is someone who works hard to get things done.  When she puts her mind to something, she gives it her all.  Fern always puts others before her own interests—almost to a fault.  Whenever anyone in the community needs her, she puts herself personal needs aside and gets out there to serve others.   This is the character of who Fern is.   Fern’s “get it done” and “always be there for my community” spirit is what Ossining would benefit from in their highway department.

Fern will bring energy, fortitude and leadership to the highway department.   She will earn the respect of the department as well as that of the community.  If elected, Fern will be Ossining’s first female Highway Superintendent who we can proud of.

I strongly endorse Fern Quezada for this position, and I hope you will vote for her in tomorrow’s primary election.

Roger Battacharia, Ossining

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