Letter to the Editor: In Support of Dana Levenberg for Assembly

To the Editor,

I am proud to support Dana Levenberg for New York State Assembly because she is a consummate public servant. She is dedicated to our community for the sake of our community. Dana first embraced this role when serving on the PTA and on the Ossining School Board of Education. During her nine years on the board Dana became a strong advocate for our children and our teachers. She did not shy away from the big issues because that is what it means to serve. Dana is a public servant and knew how to best serve the children and support public education.

As a school board member in Croton-on-Hudson, I know that I aim to emulate Dana’s model of leadership and service. I recently witnessed Dana’s strong solidarity with teachers, students, and families when she stood up for the educators and families in the Croton-Harmon School District against the political exploitation of critical, age appropriate, community informed sex education in our schools.

In her current role as Town Supervisor of Ossining, Dana has demonstrated command of the issues, from municipal financing to sustainability and resiliency. Her time as Sandy Galef’s chief of staff gave her an intimate understanding of New York State policy. Dana knows the issues inside and out, and comes to every issue centering the voices of those she serves. Dana will truly be OUR representative in Albany. We will be lucky to find someone so in the mold of Assemblywoman Galef. Please join me in supporting Dana by voting this Tuesday, June 28, or during early voting through Sunday, June 26!

Ana Cristina Teague
Croton-on-Hudson, New York

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