Letter to the Editor: In Support of Dana Levenberg

Dear Editor,

We are lucky to have a candidate in the race for the 95th Assembly District with a long track record of supporting students, families and educators.

Dana Levenberg got her start in community service on the board of directors at Briarcliff Nursery School. She also served as a community volunteer in the Ossining PTA before serving nine years as an elected school board trustee in the Ossining Schools.  During her time on the school board, Dana advocated strongly for programs and supports to ensure that all students had equitable opportunities to succeed, regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic status, immigration status, or ability.  The Ossining Schools are well regarded across the state, particularly for excellence in STEM education and DEI, and that is thanks to volunteers like Dana supporting the incredible professional administrators and educators who lead our school district.

When Dana was sworn in as Town Supervisor in 2016, she continued to support our students and educators, subscribing to the belief that it truly takes a village to raise a child.  Dana has played an instrumental role in community programs like Ossining Basics and Ossining Communities that Care.  Dana stood  with parents in the fight to increase State funding  for school districts that have been shortchanged by the outdated Foundation Aid formula like Ossining and Peekskill.

As Assemblywoman, Dana will continue to fight for fully funded schools that serve our communities, teach 21st century skills to our kids, and truly get results for our families, like she always has throughout her career in public service.  Let’s get out the vote for Dana Levenberg on June 28 and during early voting June 18 through June 26!

Nancy Adelman
Ossining, NY

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