Letter to the Editor: In Support of Dana Levenberg

Dana Levenberg for NYS Assembly, District 95

On June 28th, I’ll be casting my vote in the Democratic Primary to elect Ossining Town Supervisor Dana Levenberg as NYS Assemblymember for District 95 (retiring AM Sandy Galef’s seat). The reasons are numerous, but they set her above and apart from the other candidates.

Supervisor Levenberg offers experience the others do not have. She:

  • began her legislative career working for Assembly Member Galef. She is literally returning to her roots but armed with a more refined skillset.
  • has cultivated productive working relationships across all levels of government: inter-municipal, intra-municipal, county and state-level leadership and organizations.
  • has both business and organizational management experience, including managing multiple years of budgets for a local non-profit, a school district and a municipality.
  • has forged working relationships with organizations that span from community-based to regional.
  • has executed on a multitude of valuable and innovative environmental initiatives because of her commitment to environmental advocacy, earning the Town of Ossining recognition as an emerging leader for green initiatives.

If you are hyper-focused on environmental advocacy – there is no better candidate. As someone who has invested so much of my time volunteering to help move Ossining toward environmental sustainability, I am keenly aware of the support needed from local government to bolster efforts. Supervisor Levenberg has done an outstanding job of creating, shepherding, and supporting important initiatives to propel us into an eco-conscious mindset.  You can see some of her achievements here:https://danaforassembly.com/issues/.

She has demonstrated her commitment to our community in environmentally forward-thinking ways and is an authentic environmental advocate: she walks the walk.

In sum, my advocacy for Supervisor Levenberg is rooted in the combination of my experience in working with her for many years, and the need for a legislator who has the experience, political will and know-how to take urgent action on environmental issues. We are quickly moving away from a stable climate and within a few years, adaptation will no longer be an option on the table. The science is clear: we are running out of time to avoid the worst effects of climate change and we need legislators who have experience, understand the territory, and are ready to hit the ground running on the first day.  The interests and eagerness of candidates to fill this role is indeed laudable, but it is not enough.

When compared to the other candidates, I strongly favor Supervisor Levenberg for this important policy-making role, but I also believe – comparisons aside – that she would be ready, willing and able to perform the functions of that role at an exemplary level.

Communities in Assembly District 95 will be best served by Dana Levenberg and I ask you to join me in her support.

Suzie Ross, MS – Climate Science & Policy
Co-Founder and Chairperson, Green Ossining
Co-Founder and Co-Chairperson,  The Climate Reality Project, Westchester Chapter
Ambassador, Riverkeeper
Executive Board, Ossining100 (A Chapter of C.U.R.E.100)
Member, Westchester County Climate Task Force

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  1. Environmentalists? Dana Levenberg sold the town out to North Castle. They have built a 2 Walmart sized children’s hospitals that n. Wetlands that draw from 12 wells.

    The land underneath is filled with chemicals and other related runoff. The water table and drinkable Ossining water is now being effected for a North Castle project.

    If you don’t know it was turtle mating season. The 18 wheelers have taken a tole on the local turtle populations that cross the road.

    I hope she cleans up all her signs when this is over. He political litter is everywhere from Ossining to Pleasentville. It’s visually obnoxious

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