Letter to the Editor: In Support of Dana Levenberg

Dear Editor,

As an activist, my number one issue is environmental justice. That’s why, in the upcoming Assembly race, I am supporting the candidate with the strongest track record of action on this issue – Dana Levenberg.

Under Dana’s leadership, Ossining has been recognized as a Clean Energy Community and made significant progress towards earning Climate Smart Communities certification. A comprehensive listing of all of the actions that have been undertaken to merit this recognition would be too long to print in a single letter. Among the highlights: Ossining was one of the first communities to become part of Sustainable Westchester’s 100% Green Community Choice Aggregation program, lowering electricity costs for Ossining residents and increasing demand for renewables. It passed solar legislation and took action leading to the siting of the largest solar canopy in Westchester County. Ossining has also adopted the New York Stretch code, introduced electric vehicles to the Town fleet, added EV charging stations to parks, reduced waste with food scrap recycling, passed legislation protecting pollinators, and so much more. Ossining was able to make these strides because Dana is highly engaged with her community on this issue and collaborates with her Town Board colleagues and community partners, such as to consistently pass and implement new laws and initiatives.

To make progress on our climate goals, we need productive legislators who take this issue seriously. In this primary field, Dana has the strongest record of actually passing legislation and implementing initiatives related to sustainability, by far. We all know what needs to happen; Dana has the determination and talent to get it done. Her career trajectory and accomplishments show that she has the skills to get things done. That’s why she has earned my support.

Ingrid Wittmann
Peekskill, NY 10566


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