Letter to the Editor: In Support of Colin Smith

Why I Am Endorsing County Legislator Colin Smith for the 95th Assembly District

County Legislator Colin Smith is my clear choice for the 95th Assembly District in the Democratic primary on June 28 (early voting starts June 18th).

Colin is an attorney and experienced elected official, having served in multiple capacities: the Peekskill School District (president), Peekskill Common Council (we served side by side), and twice to the County Board of Legislators (in a politically challenging district, which comprises much of the 95th Assembly District). He currently chairs the County Board’s important Legislation Committee due to his legal background and the respect in which he is held by Board leadership.

Legislator Smith continues to be at the forefront of enacting legislation for the top issues I care about: gun safety, women’s rights, and the environment. Recently, he and his Board of Legislators colleagues enacted the Firearm Warning Labels legislation in swift response to the recent spate of shooting tragedies. Colin stated: “”Like our County Gun Storage Law, this is a basic, sensible, safety measure. And it will remind gun buyers of the risks in having a weapon in the home…risks that can reach beyond just the gun owner to his family, and more.”

And, in response to the recent unlawful trespassing of three men at a reproductive health care facility in White Plains, he and his colleagues quickly passed a Local Law adding Chapter 425 to the Laws of Westchester County to protect persons seeking access to reproductive health care facilities and services within and outside these facilities.

As for the environment, I can personally attest to his role in securing attention and additional funding for infrastructure and environmental upgrades to Blue Mt. Reservation, a 1,500-acre County Park in my area. I reached out to Colin, and he didn’t hesitate to get involved. He’s that kind of legislator – low-key but highly effective.

In every elected position he serves, Colin works hard for the people he represents. At multiple levels of government, Colin has proven he is willing to roll up his sleeves and dig in to achieve solutions for the challenges his constituents face. From to improving gun safety to ensuring access to health care, especially for women, protecting the environment and creating affordable housing, he remains laser-focused on addressing our needs.

I have held elected office for more than 10 years, and I know how much experience matters. No one in this race has more experience than County Legislator Colin Smith. When we combine his legal background, fresh ideas, ability to collaborate, and commitment to representation, and the 95th Assembly district will have an Assembly member to make us proud.

I wholeheartedly endorse County Legislator Colin Smith for Assembly District 95 and hope you will join me in voting for him early, by mail, or on Primary Day, June 28.”

Kathleen Talbot
City of Peekskill

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