Letter to the Editor: In Favor of Local Democratic Candidates

I am writing to request a thoughtful pause before voting…to consider that unlike a normal mid-term election, this November your vote is incredibly important.

It is a year where the differences between the Parties in contention and their clearly stated positions on legislative issues will have serious long and short term impact on you and your family’s health, safety and well being – your economic viability, personal privacy and access to affordable and non-censured education.

If you support clean air and water initiatives, intelligent planning to offset environmental catastrophes and protection for your children and grandchildren now and in the years ahead please review which Party and candidates have, in fact, taken point on these issues.

Beyond local concerns, consider the very real threat of the American First isolationist foreign policy of one Party that would leave us with few allies in an increasingly challenging and threatening world. And by contrast, note which Party has spoken out in its determination to protect the rule of law, the right for all citizens to vote and, most importantly, the preservation of Democracy.

There will, of course, be bumps in the road now and ahead and serious challenges to any Party trying to steer a course without fault and missteps in fulfilling its agenda. But this year, the differences between the Parties go far beyond what used to be largely a debate over such key issues as big government vs small, military spending vs entitlements and trickle down vs tax reform.

Autocracy is much less complicated than the workings of democracy and seemingly more efficient in the short run but if you are seriously concerned with freedom of thought and action and inclusion of all our citizens in the democratic process, I implore you to review the voting and legislative records of such candidates as Sean Patrick Maloney running for Congress in CD18, Pete Harckham for State Senatorial re-election in SD40, Dana Levenberg for AD 95 Assembly woman and Brian Fasset to the Peekskill Council…and  VOTE TRUE BLUE FOR ’22!

Thanks for your consideration,

Jay Forbes
Peekskill, N.Y.

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