Letter to the Editor: I Support Paul Feiner

Dear Editor,

Paul Feiner

I am writing to urge Democrats of Greenburgh to vote for Paul Feiner in the upcoming Democratic Primary on June 22nd.

Not only is Paul a true progressive, but he has also always shown care and concern for the Special Needs community in Greenburgh. As the mother of a young man with developmental disabilities, I am grateful for the opportunities that Paul has created for my son and others to become employed and make a contribution to their community. Paul has opened doors to employment, created internships, and supported recreational activities for those with Special Needs.
Paul is also aware of the critical need for supported housing for young adults with developmental disabilities and he is seeking creative solutions where the state and OPWDD have told families that they are pretty much on their own.
Paul has shown genuine concern and caring for those with Special Needs within the Greenburgh community – and that concern has translated into action and programs – and if we vote for Paul, I am sure that he will continue to fight for the neediest among us – not just for political reasons – but because he really has shown that he listens and cares.
Thank you,
Rochelle Stolzenberg
Ardsley, NY

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