Letter to the Editor: Free Covid Tests and Masks

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The federal government,  NYS  or the Westchester County Health Dept should follow NYC’s lead and make available at home rapid Covid tests and KN95 masks for free as a way to  reduce the spread of Omicron which is hitting our nation hard. Waiting on long lines to take the test will discourage people who think they have been exposed from taking the tests –resulting in more viruses. In addition, many medical facilities that offer the tests don’t offer rapid tests. Some people won’t isolate themselves while waiting for the results.

The rapid Covid tests should be widely distributed to every local government in the nation and state and localities should make sure that their residents have access to the tests if they need to take the tests.  If the fed’s don’t take this action, NYS should consider the NYC example.

Pail Feiner
Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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