Letter to the Editor: Cortlandt United Endorses Candidates for Fall Election

Residents from the Town of Cortlandt Collected over one thousand signatures to qualified for an independent line (Cortlandt United) for the 2021 Town General Election. The new party will appear on the ballot. These Candidates have also been endorsed by the Republican party.

“We got out there in the community and found great support for our candidates.  People of all different political backgrounds collected and wanted to sign our petitions for better financial management of the Town of Cortlandt.”  Javier Loja.

This year Cortlandt United endorsed: Laurie Abbate-Ryan for Cortlandt Supervisor, Tom Walsh and Warren Smith for Cortlandt Town Councilman, Peter Marengo for Tax Receiver, Kylie FITZGERALD-BERNARD for Town Clerk and Robert Chapnick for Cortlandt Town Justice.

These are qualified individuals with incredible experience and knowledge that the Town of Cortlandt needs going forward.

We need honestly and transparency for our residents.

We urge Cortlandt residents to Support the Cortlandt United Ticket.

We need new dynamic leadership.

Recently the Town of Cortlandt has been taking a wrong turn. Our elected officials have intentionally misled the public regarding the financial condition of our town.

Rising Taxes and decreasing Net financial position of Town of Cortlandt is evident and NOT transparent by the current administration.

The Town of Cortlandt Financial position is eroding, and this trend has existed for over the last ten years.

We need leaders to address these issues and more:

  1. Town of Cortlandt has raised our Town property taxes significantly last several years 25 PERCENT.
  2. Town of Cortlandt has had Decreasing Town Fund Balances. Fund Balance is DOWN $8,676946.00 declining for the last ten years!
  3. Town of Cortlandt ‘s Nine (9) of the last ten (10) budgets have been running deficits requiring withdrawals from fund reserves.
  4. Last year the entire Town Deficit was $7,623,727.00 alone.
  5. Total Assessed Value of the Property tax base is flat. Cortlandt needs real economic development.   The Cortlandt Town center needs innovation.
  6. The 2020 Budget was $3,159,088 deficit!
  9. Create an effective, efficient, and fair code enforcement for all residents.  Positive economic development should not be as hard as it is in Cortlandt.
  10. Improve our roads they need it.
  11. Work with our front-line workers, the people on the trucks doing the hard work to make the departments more efficient and thereby improve their working conditions/pay and improve services for residents.
  12. Open government and transparency. Stop the misleading financial claims being made by our government.
  13. Stop development that clear cuts and destroys forests and trees.
  14. Created an Ethics board and real ethics rules.

Documents from the Town of Cortlandt Adopted Budget and the 2020 Town Fiscal report all online at the Comptroller’s office.

Javier Loja for Cortlandt United

Daniel Pagano for Republican party

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