Letter to the Editor: Concern with Lawler’s Environmental Record

Attendees at last year’s UN Climate Conference were warned that the world is heating up at an unprecedented pace. But while urgent action is needed, Republican Congressman Mike Lawler is out there pushing greater fossil fuel production. Lawler cannot be trusted to help protect the environment in our fight to contain climate change. Just this year, he voted to increase production of oil, natural gas, and coal (including resuming drilling and natural gas exploration on federal land and waters). He also voted against a bipartisan amendment that would protect New York’s shoreline from major oil spills. Because Lawler has accepted tens of thousands of dollars in contributions from the oil and gas industry, his harmful political positions are as predictable as they are frustrating. Lawler’s votes in Congress hurt New York and defy our collective effort to protect against ongoing environmental abuse. Later this year Democrat Mondaire Jones will run against Lawler. Thankfully, he can be trusted to aid the fight to contain climate change. He helped to pass the Inflation Reduction Act, which provides the largest investment in climate action our nation has seen while creating millions of good-paying union jobs. Jones has also called for accelerating the reduction of carbon emissions by the year 2030 and make clean, renewable energy affordable.  As the birthplace of the modern environmental movement, the Hudson Valley needs elected officials whose positions on the environment are in sync with the values of the majority of our residents.

Hugh Sandler
Irvington, NY

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